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Family Constellations

Sound Therapy

Reiki Certification Training & Yoga

Founder, Presence Retreat Center, Bali


Who am I?

Zeff has learned, trained, healed and grown wild across 5 majestic continents. He carries a dynamic synthesis of experience within him—from deep pain to expansive joy, from rigorous psychotherapeutic studies to indigenous shamanism, from regenerative food forestry to deep wilderness connection.

This journey has helped him overcome the heavy suffering he took on throughout childhood, and has given way to a diverse set of tools and frameworks for supporting unique processes of growth, starting with his own.

In essence, Zeff guides deeper connection with Presence, Nature, and Self through compassion & empathy.

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I am certified in: Systemic Family Constellations Therapy Facilitation (Ancestral Healing), Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, Usui Ryoho Reiki I, II & Master, Hatha Yoga YTT, Vibrational Sound Immersion Therapy, Permaculture Design, Applied Art Therapy. I can also make epic balloon animals.

For 2 years I apprenticed under indigenous ayahuasceros, Quichua plant medicine practitioners licensed in the country of Ecuador. I’ve lived with dozens of families deeply rooted in their indigenous traditions & ancestral cultural practices around the world, particularly in South America and Indo-Polynesia.

I’ve established and help build retreat centers from the ground up, and lead youth initiatives focused on reimagining childhood and our relationship to it. I’m the author of two published books: Cosmic Journeys of the Alichina Wasi, and Being, Not Me-ing, with a third on the way.

All this soul stuff is much more enjoyable (and feels more effective) when held in the spirit of playful curiosity. Perhaps more than anything else, I am unendingly curious. The rest happens.


Zeff’s phone number changes often as he travels, so start with an email: