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Family Constellations

Sound Therapy

Reiki Certification Training & Yoga

Founder, Presence Retreat Center, Bali


Who am I?

Since 2012, I’ve learned, trained, and grown wild across 5 majestic continents. From psychotherapeutic studies to psychedelic shamanism, from regenerative food forestry to deep wilderness connection, I feel a dynamic synthesis of experience alive within.

Through this journey I’ve outgrown the heavy suffering I took on throughout childhood. This has given way to a diverse set of tools and frameworks for supporting myself & others in our unique processes of growth.

In essence, I guide deeper connection with Self, Nature, and Presence.

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I am certified in: Systemic Family Constellations Therapy Facilitation (Ancestral Healing), Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, Usui Ryoho Reiki I, II & Master, Hatha Yoga YTT, Vibrational Sound Immersion Therapy, Permaculture Design, Applied Art Therapy. I can also make elaborate balloon animals.

For 2 years I apprenticed under indigenous ayahuasceros, Quichua plant medicine practitioners licensed in the country of Ecuador. I’ve lived with dozens of families deeply rooted in their indigenous traditions & ancestral cultural practices around the world, particularly in South America and Indo-Polynesia.

I’ve established and help build retreat centers from the ground up, and lead a youth initiative focused on reimagining childhood and our relationship to it. I’m the author of two published books: Cosmic Journeys of the Alichina Wasi, and Being, Not Me-ing, with a third on the way.

All this “soul stuff” is much more enjoyable (and feels more effective) when held in the spirit of playful curiosity. Perhaps more than anything else, I am unendingly curious. The rest happens.


Zeff’s phone number changes often as he travels, so start with an email: