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Individualism (Part 2)

Part 2 is a continuation and expansion upon the theme of individuality and the role our individual lives have in the whole of life.

Now What?!

So you’ve felt the Present Moment… and yet, surrendering into the magical wondrous miracle of Life can be quite a leap for a mind trained… Read More »Now What?!

The Big Mix-Up

Human being, or Being human? Michael Zeff and Hannah Rae Bush chat about some of modern humanity’s most deeply-engrained attachments and blessings: individuality, connection with… Read More »The Big Mix-Up

Backstory & Intentions of Native To Life

What is Native To Life? Michael Zeff recounts pivotal moments of the 10-year formative journey, as well as some perspectives and intentions behind Native To Life.
Zeff and Hannah Rae Bush chat about a range of topics, such as: modern suburbia and indigenous communities, being immensely humbled, humanity’s fundamental connections with Life, the preciousness of presence, and plenty more.

To find out more, visit:
Native To Life on IG: @nativetolife_
Hannah Rae Bush on IG: @wholeheart.han